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Welcome to our Physician Resource Section!

locum tenens: n., lo•cum te•nens
(lō'kəm' tē'nĕnz', tĕn'ənz).
A physician who fills a temporary position.

In May of 2009, the unemployment rate rached 9.4% which was the highest in the last 25 years. Yet, the healthcare industry continues to grow and added another 23,500 jobs in May. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the United States is headed towards "an aggregate shortage of physicians." Doctors today have tremendous opportunities to shape their careers.

Locum Tenens positions allow you to try out different types of situations, expand your CV and travel the country or world. And we have permanent positions to satisfy all of your career goals. TPC allows you to create a job alert if you're looking for a specific location or type of opportunity but don't see a current opening. Then TPC will email you a notification as soon as an opening is posted.

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