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What opportunities are available to Pharmacists and Pharm Techs?

Travel Assignments Travel assignments let you see the country in 13 week contracts with paid travel, living expenses and benefits.  Many people don't realize that traveling pharmacists can have a full-time career with all the stability of a permanent position. Check out our FAQ section for even more information.

Per Diem Do you already have a full time pharmacy job?  Or maybe you just want to pick up some part-time work. Then Per Diem is for you! Working per diem means you're "on call" and can work a very flexible schedule (as little as one or two shifts a month in some cases). It's a great way to pay off school loans or credit cards, save for a vacation or start a college fund for your kids.

Contract With contract assignments (sometimes called Agency Staffing), you work full time at a facility close to where you live.  You are employed by a staffing agency but your assignments will usually be measured in weeks.  You can work contract staffing year-round or have the flexibility of taking extended breaks between assignments. If you're not sure what type of career you want or are considering a career change, contract work may be a great way to try out different options.

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