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A New Type of Career Site...
only for Healthcare Professionals
TPC is focused exclusively on Healthcare Professions
This allows us provide healthcare-specific features, like licensing information and a compact state search for nurses.
We've got real jobs
Sadly, many agencies and job websites don't have real jobs. They post fake jobs in order to "fish" for your information and then bombard you with calls and emails. Most require you give them your personal information before you can see job openings. We won't do that to you. You can look at all the openings you want and we won't give your information to potential employers until you tell us to by either hitting "apply" or click "find me a job." This keeps you from being annoyed with SPAM email and calls.
We've got tools to help you find your dream job.
Maybe you want a job on the beach? You can search for jobs within driving distance of a beach. Want a job fast? Search for jobs in compact states. Want an extended visit to your favorite vacation spot? Search for travel openings there. If you don't see the ideal job, set up an alert and we'll let you know when something opens up.
About the Creators

The creators of this site have been working in the travel nursing, allied, locum tenen, and per diem sector for a combined 13 years. Throughout the years we have gained an understanding of how the industry works. There are some serious flaws in the way business is conducted in this industry, so we put our heads together to come up with a better way!

We developed a healthcare job board where medical professionals can view real jobs offered by real companies and only apply to the jobs that interest them without broadcasting all of their personal information to multiple agencies resulting in numerous calls from recruiters. Our solution reduces the amount of money agencies spend locating medical professionals that are serious about taking a position with their company. 


Information for Agencies
Are you with a healthcare staffing agency?  Would you like a new approach to finding employees?  Would you like to find qualified people with little or no risk?  Visit our agency page, sign up online or contact us today for more information.
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