Travel Nursing or Contract PACU RN Job in Clearlake, CA


Location: Clearlake, CA

Type of Job: Travel Nursing or Contract

Compensation: $ 60.79 - $ 63.79

Shift: 4

Duration: 13 weeks

Start Date: 2017-02-27

Job Description

The PACU RN is responsible for the daily care of patients that have just undergone anesthesia during a medical procedure. PACU Registered nurses care for a wide variety of patients, from adults to children and play an important role in the patient's recovery.


As a Post Anesthetic Care Unit Nurse your duties consist of:
  • Analyze the health of the patient and administer medications as necessary.
  • Assisting patients with personal needs directly after their procedure as they are guided back to consciousness.
  • Monitor the vitals of the patient and make certain that no complications come up.
  • Take care of the patients post-op wounds and replace dressings as necessary.


One year of experience as a PACU Nurse within the past two years.
  • Active RN License in good standing.
  • Current Basic Life Support from American Heart Association.
  • Negative Drug Screen.


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