Travel Nursing or Contract Rehab RN Job in El Paso, Texas

RN - Rehab

Location: El Paso, TX

Type of Job: Travel Nursing or Contract

Compensation: $ 31.99 - $ 34.99

Shift: 19:00 - 07:00

Duration: 13 weeks

Start Date: 1969-12-31

Job Description

The Rehab RN is responsible for assisting patients with long-term physical disabilities or chronic diseases. Rehab Registered Nurse help patients and their family members to develop a recovery plan that will allow the patient work past any boundaries and reach their full potential.


As a Rehabilitation Nurse your duties include:
  • Educating patients and their families about disease, injuries and self-care skills.
  • Helping patients exercise and record their progress.
  • Teaching patients how to live with temporary or permanent disabilities.


One year of experience as a Rehab RN within the past two years.
  • Current RN License in good standing.
  • Up to date Basic Life Support through American Heart Association.
  • Negative Drug Screen.

You can earn up to $250 when you find a travel or contract job at TPC and that's in addition to any bonuses from the agency!

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