Travel Nursing L&D RN Job in Detroit, Michigan

RN - L&D

Location: Port Huron, MI (Detroit area)

Type of Job: Travel Nursing

Shift: 19:00 - 07:00

Duration: 13 weeks

Start Date: 2017-02-14

Job Description

A Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse offers a balance of the same elements that are found in the ICU, operating room, emergency department and pediatric nursing. A Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse needs to have excellent communication skills because they are the link between the patient, family members and the physician. A Labor and Delivery Nurse must be able to think in a fast passed setting and come up with solutions quickly. L&D Nurses assist the physician and spend several hours on their feet.

Family Birth Place (LDRP), Nights (7:00p-7:00a), Possibly - Will be discussed in interview, Every other or third required.


As a Labor and Delivery RN some of your duties include:
  • Making assessments of contractions, dilation, heart rates, etc.
  • Providing follow-up duties which include:
    • Assessing the newborns general condition.
    • Assessing the mothers condition.
    • Watching for signs of trouble.
    • Checking for signs of infections and any other troubles.



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