Travel Nursing ICU RN Job in Alpena, MI


Location: Alpena, MI

Type of Job: Travel Nursing

Shift: 19:00 - 07:30

Duration: 13 weeks

Start Date: 2017-02-13

Job Description

Intensive Care Unit RNs must provide top end care for patients with life-threatening trauma. ICU Registered Nurses must have the ability to make immediate and accurate decisions while keeping composed during unforeseen, traumatic events.

ICU, 7p-7:30a, No Call, Weekend Rotation.


ICU RNs responsibilities consist of:
  • Analyzing the progress of the patient.
  • Taking needed steps if the patient's condition changes.
  • Helping doctors with medical procedures.
  • Ensuring all equipment is functioning correctly while caring for patients.
  • Administering needed medication in a fast moving, high stress environment.
  • Providing emotional support while updating family members of current health status of the patient.


ACLS preferred,BLS must be AHA


Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Michigan, so if you're an adventurous nurse then you'll want to follow suit! It is said that in Michigan you are never more than six miles from natural water and Michigan touches 4 of the 5 great lakes.  With it's huge coastlines dotted with shipwrecks, Michigan is a natural for SCUBA divers too.  The Michigan Underwater Preserves are 11 underwater areas where shipwrecks are protected for sport divers.  But Michigan loves culture, history, the arts, casinos and amusement parks too!

Wide, soft sand or rocky and rugged, Michigan has incredible beaches. With 3,200 miles of shoreline along four Great Lakes, the "Third Coast" has some of the country's best waterside spots for sunbathers, beachcombers, surfers and sandcastles.

The lush Michigan forests are paradise for registered nurses that love to hunt. Over three-quarters of a million hunters join in the white-tailed deer season.  So many local kids go hunting on the first day of school the many schools just cancel class. 

Metropolitan Detroit draws visitors to it's leading attractions, particularly the Henry Ford Museum.  The Henry Ford is a collection of the American experience.  At its GreenField Village you can travel through time with seven distinct districts that each preserve a different period of American history.  The museum exhibits important artifacts from American history like the Rosa Parks Bus and of course there's a factory tour .  The Henry Ford is one of the leading educational experiences in the country and it can take you days to explore it fully.

On the northern shore of Michigan is Isle Royale National ParkIsle Royale National Park is the largest island in Lake Superior and known for its wolf and moose population.  This beautiful island is reached by ferry or plane so it's best visited for an overnight camping trip.  If you enjoy the great outdoors, this is one park you must visit!

If you get a peaceful feeling when you think about walking along a beautiful lake or through a deep forest then you should consider taking your next travel nursing assignment in the beautiful state of Michigan.

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You can earn up to $250 when you find a travel or contract job at TPC and that's in addition to any bonuses from the agency!

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