Travel, Per Diem, Contract and Permanent Nursing Jobs in Utah

Utah has one of most spectacular landscapes in the world.  Utah is home to five national parks: Zion, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef.  The Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde and Monument Valley stradle the state borders.  Add in the huge list of scenic beauty that is protected in National Monuments and State Parks and you will soon realize that a lifetime of Kodak moments await you in Utah.

The Utah landscape is a sculpture carved out of the rock by water and wind and ice over millions of years.  Most of the state is about 4,000 feet above sea-level but the highest mountains climb over 13,000 feet and in between is a dramatically diverse landscape.  Some of the world's most beautiful canyons are found here, but so are snow covered mountains, coral pink sand dunes, giant rock arches, tall waterfalls and the huge pillars of Monument Valley.

You can explore Utah's beauty by car or by hiking and camping and there are many options for outdoor recreation in the midst of this incredible tableau.  Lake Powell in the spectacular Glen Canyon is one of the worlds best spots for scenic boating.  Whether by speed boat, jet ski or houseboat, you can explore solitary canyons on Lake Powell right from the water.  There are many options for whitewater rafting/tubing, biking and golf.  In the winter, you can ski, snowboard and tube at world class resorts. 

Registered nurses that love natural beauty, love Utah.  Grab your camera and come work in Utah where every day off can be a Kodak moment.

Licensing:  Compact
Lic. Board:  Utah State Board of Nursing
Type of Position   (what's a compact state?)
Location Features (within driving distance)
Posted Occupation Specialty Type Compensation Location
OngoingRNMed Surg NIGHTSTravel, Contract$ 36.11 - $ 39.11SALT LAKE CITY, UT
OngoingRNERTravel, Contract$ 38.34 - $ 41.34Salt Lake City, UT
OngoingRNERTravel, Contract$ 38.34 - $ 41.34Salt Lake City, UT
OngoingRNPSYCHTravel, Contract$ 35.66 - $ 38.66Bountiful, UT
OngoingRegistered Nursepcu nurseTravel, ContractSalt Lake City, UT
OngoingRNERTravel, ContractSalt Lake City, UT
OngoingRNICUTravel, ContractSalt Lake City, UT
OngoingRNICUTravel, ContractSalt Lake City, UT
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