Travel, Per Diem, Contract and Permanent Nursing Jobs in Florida

You're a nurse who wants to improve your standing in the medical community but have fun doing it. You like to hold nothing back, whether on the job or enjoying a little free time. You want Adventure - capitalized. You know you're ready for a travel nursing assignment and you want it to be one you'll cherish and remember forever. Maybe the state that's right for you is exotic Florida!

What better place to enjoy yourself than the Sunshine State itself? The resorts here are infamous - Florida beaches alone are some of the greatest sites for unbridled fun in the entire nation. If you're single and enjoy being out in the sun with a variety of the most attractive men and women even outside the United States, South Beach is perfect. Travel to Vero Beach if you were a pirate in your past life, or inquisitive enough to unearth Spanish gold in general. For nurses dreaming of total relaxation after work, Vedra Beach is the ultimate paradise where you can be treated like royalty.

Enthralling dining and clubbing await in hotspots like ICEBAR Orlando, the chic and chilly counterpart of a regular bar, or Pirate's Dinner Adventure, where you can watch intriguing story and bold acrobatic feats while you eat. You'll also find exquisite performances at the popular Ballet Florida, known internationally for its high-end and fearless dance displays.

There's energy all over this rewarding state, enough to boost your spirits and more than likely linger with you long after your travel assignment comes to an end. For a travel nursing experience like no other, Florida is an extraordinary destination.

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Posted Occupation Specialty Type Compensation Location
< WeekRNCVORTravel, ContractPort Charlotte, FL
< WeekRNSURGERYTravel, ContractWest Palm Beach, FL
< WeekRNPSYCHTravel, ContractPanama City, FL
< WeekRNORTravel, ContractBrooksville, FL
< WeekRNICUTravel, ContractWest Palm Beach, FL
< WeekRNPICUTravel, ContractJacksonville, FL
< WeekRNPACUTravel, ContractLargo, FL
< WeekRNL&DTravel, ContractBrandon, FL
< WeekRNCVORTravel, ContractHudson, FL
1 WeekRNL&DTravel, ContractMiami, FL
1 WeekRNCVICUTravel, ContractJacksonville, FL
1 WeekRNORTravel, ContractLargo, FL
1 WeekRNM&BTravel, ContractPanama City, FL
1 WeekRNICUTravel, ContractGainesville, FL
3 WeeksRNL&DTravel, ContractMiami, FL
3 WeeksRNL&DTravel, ContractMiami, FL
3 WeeksRNL&DTravel, ContractGainesville, FL
3 WeeksRNL&DTravel, ContractGainesville, FL
3 WeeksRNORTravel, ContractPort Charlotte, FL
4 WeeksRNL&DTravel, ContractMargate, FL
4 WeeksRNCARDIAC CATHTravel, ContractMargate, FL
4 WeeksRNPICUTravel, ContractPanama City, FL
4 WeeksRNORTravel, ContractLoxahatchee, FL
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractJacksonville, FL
OngoingRNICUTravel, ContractBoca Raton, FL
OngoingRNPICUTravel, ContractBoca Raton, FL
OngoingRNNICUTravel, ContractGainesville, FL
OngoingRNDIALYSISTravel, ContractMiami, FL
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractJacksonville, FL
OngoingRNLabor and DeliveryTravel, ContractFlorida
OngoingRNTelemetryTravel, ContractFlorida
OngoingRNMed / SurgTravel, ContractFlorida
OngoingRNCritical Care / ICUTravel, ContractFlorida
OngoingRNEmergencyTravel, ContractFlorida
OngoingRNCVORTravel, ContractPort Charlotte, FL
OngoingRNPACUTravel, ContractGainesville, FL
OngoingRegistered Nurseinterventional radiology nurseTravel, ContractFort Walton Beach, FL
OngoingRegistered Nurseoncology nurseTravel, ContractGainesville, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursecardiac cath lab nurseTravel, ContractMargate, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursemds coordinatorContract, PermanentPalmetto, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursemds coordinatorContract, PermanentMelbourne, FL
OngoingRegistered Nurseemergency room nurseTravel, ContractJacksonville, FL
OngoingRegistered Nurselabor & delivery nurseTravel, ContractSt. Petersburg, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursepicu nurseTravel, ContractOrlando, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursepsych nurseTravel, ContractTrinity, FL
OngoingRegistered Nurselabor & delivery nurseTravel, ContractTrinity, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursecvor nurseTravel, ContractHudson, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursecase manager nurseTravel, ContractSt. Petersburg, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursepicu nurseTravel, ContractMiami, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursepeds cvor nurseTravel, ContractOrlando, FL
OngoingRegistered NursecvicuContract, PermanentJacksonville, FL
OngoingRegistered Nurseicu/ccuTravel, ContractRockledge, FL
OngoingRegistered NursernTravel, ContractDaytona Beach, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursemed/surgTravel, ContractOrmond Beach, FL
OngoingRegistered NurseicuTravel, ContractGainesville, FL
OngoingRegistered NurseerTravel, ContractOrmond Beach, FL
OngoingRegistered NurseccuTravel, ContractHollywood, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursel&dTravel, ContractClermont, FL
OngoingRegistered NurseorTravel, ContractTavares, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursel&dTravel, ContractSebring, FL
OngoingRegistered NursecvicuTravel, ContractTallahassee, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursemds coordinatorContract, PermanentOrlando, FL
OngoingRegistered NurseorContract, PermanentSt. Petersburg, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursemds coordinatorContract, PermanentWinter Springs, FL
OngoingRNOperating RoomTravel, Contract, PermanentGreat Pay!!Miami, FL
OngoingRNOperating RoomTravel, Contract, PermanentCompetitive Pay!Tampa, FL
OngoingRegistered Nursemds coordinatorContract, PermanentCrestview, FL
OngoingRNOperating RoomTravel, ContractCompetitive PayJacksonville, FL
OngoingRNOperating RoomTravel, Contract, PermanentCompetitive Pay!Jacksonville, FL
OngoingRNIntermediate Care UnitTravel, Contract, PermanentCompetitive!Fort Lauderdale, FL
OngoingRNOperating RoomTravel, Contract, PermanentCompetitive Pay!Jacksonville, FL
OngoingRNCVORTravel, Contract, PermanentFlorida
OngoingRegistered Nursemds coordinatorContract, PermanentOrange City, FL
OngoingRNMother BabyTravel, ContractSt.Petersburg, FL
OngoingRNNeonatal ICUTravel, ContractHudson, FL
OngoingRNNeonatal ICUTravel, ContractHudson, FL
OngoingRNOR/CircTravel, ContractHudson, FL
OngoingRNLabor & DeliveryTravel, ContractHudson, FL
OngoingRNCase ManagementTravel, ContractKississmee, FL
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractEnglewood, FL
OngoingRNCVORTravel, ContractBrandon, FL
OngoingRNPsych AdultTravel, ContractPensacola, FL
OngoingRNPsych AdultTravel, ContractPensacola, FL
OngoingRNLabor & DeliveryTravel, ContractGainesville, FL
OngoingRNLabor & DeliveryTravel, ContractTallahassee, FL
OngoingRNLabor & DeliveryTravel, ContractTallahassee, FL
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractJacksonville, FL
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractAtlantis, FL
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractLoxahatchee, FL
OngoingRNLabor & DeliveryTravel, ContractLoxahatchee, FL
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractMargate, FL
OngoingRNCVICUTravel, ContractMargate, FL
OngoingRNLabor & DeliveryTravel, ContractSt.Petersburg, FL
OngoingRNLabor & DeliveryTravel, ContractSt.Petersburg, FL
OngoingRNNeuro ICUTravel, ContractHudson, FL
OngoingRNCVORTravel, ContractHudson, FL
OngoingRNCVORTravel, ContractSt. Petersburg, FL
OngoingRNOBTravel, ContractNew Port Richey, FL
OngoingRNCVORTravel, ContractSanford, FL
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractBrandon, FL
OngoingRNRecovery RoomTravel, ContractBrandon, FL
OngoingRNPediatricTravel, ContractTallahassee, FL
OngoingRNNICU III Travel, Contract, PermanentFort Lauderdale, FL
OngoingRegistered Nurseor circulate/scrubContract, PermanentJacksonville, FL
OngoingRNER II Travel, Contract, PermanentCoral Springs, FL
OngoingRegistered NursepicuContract, PermanentJacksonville, FL
OngoingRNICUTravelPensacola, FL
OngoingRNICUTravelPensacola, FL
OngoinghealthcarePCU/Step-DownTravelTallahassee, FL
OngoinghealthcarePCU/Step-DownTravelTallahassee, FL
OngoingRNCVICUTravelMargate, FL
OngoingRNCVICUTravelMargate, FL
OngoinghealthcareCV StepdownTravelPlantation, FL
OngoinghealthcareCV StepdownTravelPlantation, FL
OngoingRNICUTravelPlantation, FL
OngoingRNICUTravelPlantation, FL
OngoingRNTeleTravelPlantation, FL
OngoinghealthcareMother-BabyTravelPlantation, FL
OngoingRNORTravelPort St Lucie, FL
OngoingRNTeleTravelLoxahatchee, FL
OngoingRNCVICUTravelFort Pierce, FL
OngoingRNCVICUTravelFort Pierce, FL
OngoinghealthcareMed-SurgTravelFort Pierce, FL
OngoinghealthcareMed-SurgTravelFort Pierce, FL
OngoingRNICUTravelMiami, FL
OngoinghealthcareMed-SurgTravelMiami, FL
OngoingRNORTravelAtlantis, FL
OngoinghealthcarePeds. ERTravelMargate, FL
OngoingRNL&DTravelPlantation, FL
OngoingRNL&DTravelPlantation, FL
OngoingRNTeleTravelAtlantis, FL
OngoingRNRadiologyTravelAtlantis, FL
OngoinghealthcareMed Surg/TeleTravelHudson, FL
OngoingRNICUTravelHudson, FL
OngoinghealthcareMed-SurgTravelAtlantis, FL
OngoinghealthcarePCU/Step-DownTravelAventura, FL
OngoingRNCVORTravelHudson, FL
OngoingRNICUTravelPanama City, FL
OngoinghealthcareMed-SurgTravelPanama City, FL
OngoingRNCath LabTravelPanama City, FL
OngoingRNICUTravelBradenton, FL
OngoinghealthcareER HoldTravelLake City, FL
OngoinghealthcareER HoldTravelLake City, FL
OngoinghealthcareMed Surg/TeleTravelSt. Petersburg, FL
OngoingRNCase ManagerTravelLake City, FL
OngoinghealthcarePCU/Step-DownTravelPlantation, FL
OngoinghealthcarePCU/Step-DownTravelAventura, FL
OngoinghealthcareCV StepdownTravelAventura, FL
OngoingRNCase ManagerTravelLake City, FL
OngoingRNL&DTravelPanama City, FL
OngoingRNTeleTravelAtlantis, FL
OngoingRNL&DTravelTallahassee, FL
OngoingRNOncologyTravelGainesville, FL
OngoingRNCase ManagementTravel, ContractHudson, FL
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractJacksonville, FL
OngoingRNCVORTravel, ContractSaint Petersburg, FL
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractMiami, FL
OngoingRNERTravel, ContractTampa, FL
OngoingRNCVORTravel, ContractMargate, FL
OngoingRNORTravel, ContractAtlantis, FL
OngoingRNStep DownTravel, ContractVenice, FL
OngoingRNTeleTravel, ContractVenice, FL
OngoingRNTeleTravel, ContractVenice, FL
OngoingRNMSTravel, ContractVenice, FL
OngoingRNPACUTravel, ContractSpring Hill, FL
OngoingRNCVORTravel, ContractLargo, FL
OngoingRNTelemetryTravel, ContractCompetitiveJupiter, FL
OngoingRNCritical Care / ICUTravel, Contract, PermanentcompetitiveMiami, FL
OngoingRNERTravel, ContractFlorida
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